Best of luck to all my friend Liz and all of my Runner’s Roost teammates who are running the Boston Marathon today! Run your hearts out!

A flashback to my girls’ running trip last year with Liz and Laurie. We set our tent up in the rain (thanks to me because I swore I knew how to set up my tent and I most def didn’t), Liz made us some awesome green chili burritos for dinner, Laurie made us a fire with wet wood, and we got to run on some awesome trails…and saw plenty of carcassy things in the woods. Which is why we travel in teams.  

ps. sorry Liz about the butt shot.

// Pasta Dinner in a “Homemade” Red Sauce with Cheesey Bread in 15 Minutes//

There are some nights I’m so unmotivated to make dinner that I wish my family were cows so I could just send them to the backyard to graze on grass. Since I can’t do that, this is the next best option. Basically, I buy everything almost all premade then add some touches to make it taste better and did I mention it’s affordable?

  • Frozen ravioli ($3)
  • Loaf of French bread ($1 or 50cents on clearance) (hint: buy it a day old from the bakery. Half price and honestly, just as good)
  • Large can of crushed tomatoes ($2.45) you want good quality if possible
  • Small block of Mozzarella Cheese ($3)
  • Dinner for a family of 4 (mind you 3 boys!) for under $10. And we had leftovers!

What makes this so quick is that ravioli cooks in about 3 minutes. To save more time, buy your cheese shredded, but I just slice mine with a knife. This is a new favorite in our house! Of course you can do variations of this dish by adding basil pesto to you bread or ravioli, using different cheeses, doing meat ravioli, yada yada yada…you are creative. With that said, go eat!

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// Reassessing for a 25K//

Cheyenne Mtn 25K 2013

As you read in my last post, I am downgrading from a 50K to 25K at my May event in Washington. I think that was a smart decision on my part. Now I can stop stressing about aggravating a lurking injury and I can focus on having fun! At this point I haven’t come up with any time goals, but I am reworking my training schedule. The race is 5 weeks out and I know I can’t do too much at this point. My main physical issue has been my right quad and right hip-flexor which can be excruciating and really hinder me on the climbing section of runs. But I’ve been meeting with my friend Ben for some massage work and that seems to really be helping.

When I think about a time goal I want to set I have to think about my past experience in this distance. I can hardly call it experience. I’ve only run one other 25K and that was over a year ago! My body felt much more together. I ran a 2:36 on this course and placed 10th. I hear the women in Washington are really fast…and I’m not in optimal shape. This link shows elevation gain/loss for Sun Mountain.

I still have a hard time computing the different elevations and climbs in my head, but there are a few differences that notice right off the bat concerning conditions and trail.

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My love for baking & eating has forced me to take up the sport of ultra running. Runner's Roost Mtn/Ultra Team